Cake flavour options

Over many years I have developed a range of flavours that have been tried and tested by both myself, and more importantly my customers. All of these flavour options are suitable for Baby shower, Christenings, Birthdays, Celebration and carved cakes. 

My cakes are filled with a combination of buttercream and ganache then have a coating of chocolate ganache prior to being iced and decorated

For those who are gluten intolerant I offer Gluten free cakes

Madagascan Vanilla sponge layered with a Madagascan Vanilla and white ganache buttercream and conserve of your choice. 

A wonderfully light and moist sponge with an irresistible coating of white chocolate ganache prior to being iced

White Chocolate & raspberry- One of the long standing favourites that is a hit with everyone. Baked using the freshest of ingredients and layered with a raspberry conserve and ganache filling. Coated with ganache prior to being iced this is one that you will keep going back to

Red Velvet - Originally made with beetroot to provide the colour of red to the cake. These day's it's an added ingredient that gives the wonderful chocolate cake with a hint of Vanilla to create a decadent cake filled with a chocolate spread and chocolate buttercream ganache. Chocolate ganache is then used to cover the cake prior to icing

Lavender cake - A wonderful summery cake made using fresh lavender to create a fresh taste. Filled with a smooth lavender flavoured buttercream and white ganache filling, then coated with white chocolate ganache prior to being iced.

Belgium chocolate cake - This cake gets its flavour from the large quantity of melted Belgium chocolate used in the recipe and no artificial flavourings. Moist, rich, decadent and one that you will keep wanting more of! Filled with a chocolate spread and chocolate buttercream ganache. Coated with Belgium chocolate ganache prior to being iced, this is one to spoil yourself with. 

Lemon & Elderflower - A beautiful combination of two of natures natural ingredients. Sicilian lemon juice and Elderflower. A homemade lemon curd is then layered with a lemon and elderflower buttercream ganache. White chocolate ganache is coated prior to being iced to perfection

White chocolate and raspberry - A superb combination of white chocolate and raspberries. Layered with raspberries and white chocolate buttercream ganache before being coated in white chocolate ganache prior to being coated in a high quality Italian icing

White chocolate and lime - White chocolate and fresh limes with lime zest and chocolate. The flavour comes from fresh limes and a home made lime buttercream ganache filling 

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