MG/TA motor car and film reel
1/20th scale MG/TA 1936 car made from modelling paste and film reel complete with photographs of family
Wooden crate & flower celebration cake
Two 'vegetable' boxes filled with a combination of sugar flowers from roses, sweet peas, hydrangeas, ranunculi and the birthday girls favourite tipple, miniature gin and butterfly covered tea pot
Top view 50th birthday cake
Unicorn 21st birthday cake
Unicorn 21st birthday cake top view
Grease themed 30th birthday cake
Whisky Barrel birthday cake
Man sitting in the bath cake
Kyak cake
Artist 80th birthday cake
Aeroplane suitcase cake
Luggage cake with aeroplane and tickets.
Weight training cake
Topsy turvey cake
Japanese three tier 18th birthday cake
Old fashioned radio 85th birthday cake
30th Birthday suitcase with leather labe
Pound puppy cake
60th Birthday skull cake
90th birthday cake with lace and roses
80th birthday cake with sugar lace, icin
80th birthday train cake
70th birthday cake with sugar roses
Puppy with parcel cake
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